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Branded Sponsorship

Branded sponsorship is an opportunity for a brand to be associated in a more emotional way than traditional advertising. It’s a highly effective way of demonstrating a great connection between a brand and a content/story experience.

Advantages of branded sponsorship are numerous. The client’s brand is seamlessly stitched into a high quality content experience that users will be more likely to want to share. On a practical aspect, because branded sponsorship material is integrated as part of the content experience, it is not susceptible to online ad-blocking.

The following transmedia content piece written by Margaret Mahy on The Cake Stall, the 1992 Womens Refuge fundraiser, uses sample branded sponsorship by Whittakers Chocolates and The Caker.  See an example here

We are available to work alongside you to develop appropriate video and/or visuals for branded sponsorship, should you require.

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